Sniff Basics Is A Divison Of Sniff Design Studio®

This means is that our pet business branding kits and pet logos are designed by the same experienced and award-winning designer from Sniff Design Studio®, whose true love and fascination centers around all things animals. This ensures our designs are of the highest quality.

Professional And Quality Design For An Affordable Rate

Having over 15+ years of experience designing for pet businesses, we know exactly what our clients need to help make them successful. Unlike other premade logo or premade branding design services out there, Sniff Design™ Basics’ designs are all custom created with our pet industry customers in mind. However, if you would like a pet logo design that will be created exclusively for your business combined with the opportunity to have the full transfer of ownership of the completed work given to you. Please take a moment to visit Sniff Design Studio®, to see their extensive portfolio and custom branding package options and design services currently offered.

American Made and American Owned

All work here at Sniff Design™ Basics is designed in the USA. So, if you purchase a premade pet business logo or one of our pet branding kits from here. You can rest assured that you are supporting a fellow American small business.

We are truly unique!

There are several premade logo design businesses out there operating in the wild wild west. Er…in the land of the WWW. But alas, what makes us truly different is that we are founded by an award-winning design company whose mission is to create and cultivate pet industry brands with a bite! So, even our premade designs are just as unique as they come. And our ‘pawmise’ will be to always strive to give our best. What’s more, is that we will continue to expand our online pet branding collection while creating additional design options to help ensure the ease of choosing to do business with us. Stay pawsome!