Ready Made Pet Business Logo – Retro 17


Fetch the charm with this ready made pet business logo design tailored for those in the paws and whiskers business!

This retro-style logo is no mutt-erial thing; it’s a tail-waggingly clever way to give your brand a personality boost. Featuring a cheerful pup ready for duty. This logo is more than just a pretty paw-trait. iI’s a playful and memorable mark that’ll have your customers wagging their tails with delight.

Investing in a professionally crafted logo by Sniff Design Basics is like giving your brand a treat. It adds a dash of playfulness and a heap of personality.

Don’t keep your business on a short leash; choose this retro logo and watch your brand become the leader of the pack, making tails wag and customers beg for more!


 Pay & Paw-View Request

Not quite ready to buy this pre-made logo just yet? How about previewing it with YOUR pet business name instead?

This option for just $22.00 is our ‘PAY & PAW-VIEW’ service. Allowing you to receive an official preview customized with your business name.

Submit your request and payment below. We’ll promptly confirm via email, usually within 8 business hours, to kick-start the process. (Excludes weekends)

Pay & Paw-View Request

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Possible uses for this premade logo:
Pet services logo, puppy training logo, pet sitting logo, canine behavior logo, puppy trainer logo, dog daycare logo, pet store logo, pet minder logo, animal service logo, pet business logo design, Veterinarian logo design.

At the time of your purchase:

  • Please include your business name the way you would like it to display in your logo proof. If the pre-made logo is in all CAPS, then your business name will also be in all caps.
  • Next, (within 24 hours or less), we will send you the newly ordered logo with your business name in place to preview and approve. Yay!
  • Once your payment is received and cleared, we’ll then email you the final logo files. Viola!

What type of payment do you accept?

  • We accept most major credit and/or debit cards. However, please note that at this time we do not accept American Express due to high merchant fees.

You will receive 4 industry standard screen and press ready files: This includes 1 PDF press ready file, 1 EPS press ready file, 1 JPEG file and 1 High Res PNG file. The fonts will be outlined, which means that it’s turned into artwork and is no longer text based. This ensures that there will not be font issues when you or your printer opens the file to use.

Do I get to request any further edits? (such as a color change, or font change?)

Sorry but no. Since these are true ready-made pet logo designs, no further edits are available other than changing the logo’s name to your business name.

I like all of your pre-made logos but they’re just not quite what I’m looking for. Can I get a custom pet business logo instead?

Yes! We can definitely create a custom design just for you. Please come and visit our parent company: Sniff Design Studio®. This little pet business design atelier is an all-in-one creative service that caters solely to pet industry professionals; with services ranging from logo design, website design and web hosting, social media design, illustration and more! Come ‘sniff it out’.

Standard License – (License My Logo)

With the $99.00 option, you can use this ready-made pet logo for your business indefinitely, as long as it’s exclusively used for your business. It’s important to note that ownership (copyright) is not included in this option.

This pre-made logo is not unique and can be resold. You cannot claim trademark, copyright, or intellectual property rights for Sniff Design® Basics pre-made designs. The design is meant for your personal business use and does not grant permission for you to resell the logo or permit another person or business to use it.

Extended License – (Retire My Logo)

Do you want exclusive rights to your new pre-made logo? By choosing the $299.00 option, you gain the exclusive use of this ready-made pet logo for your business, as long as it’s solely used for that purpose. The logo will be temporarily removed from our shop for 2 years. After this period, it will be added back to the online shop and re-licensed (resold).

It’s important to note that this pre-made logo is not unique and can be resold. You cannot claim trademark, copyright, or intellectual property rights for Sniff Design® Basics pre-made designs. Therefore, the use of the design is limited to your personal business and does not permit you to resell the logo or allow another person or business to use it.

Ownership – (Own My Logo)

Do you want to own your new pre-made logo ‘FUREVER’ AND EVER? Opting for this choice means you get complete, exclusive, and legal ownership (copyright). This allows you to make claims for trademark, copyright, and/or intellectual property ownership. The pre-made logo will be permanently taken off our shop. After purchasing the logo with your initial licensing choice (either $99 or $299), let us know if you’d like full ownership transferred, which incurs a separate fee. And we’ll get you taken care of. Paw-yeah!