Darla Darling Dog Grooming Premade Pet Business Branding Kit


Looking for an adorable and whimsically poised pet grooming brand?  You’re in luck. Come and sniff out this premade pet business branding kit. This kit is perfect for the pet professional who is ready to invest in a ‘pawlished’ brand. Or for pet business startups that are just finding their footing.
Perhaps you’re done with the DIY route but aren’t quite ready to invest in a fully custom pet brand. Well, with Sniff Design Basics you won’t have to sacrifice. Fetch a thoughtful, and well-designed brand identity with this premade branding kit.
Even better? Each premade branding kit is sold only ONCE. Thereby giving you a near custom brand design at a fraction of the cost of a fully custom design package. Simply buy this premade branding kit and we’ll work with you to customize it with your business name and info. Buy this kit and get your paws new branding in less than 5 business days. Paw-yeah!
For complete de’tails’, please read the important info in the 4 TABS below. 

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‘Pawfect’ for:
Pet Groomers / Pet Spas / Pet Businesses

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Sweet / Poised / Bright / Whimsical / Darling

Choose the premade branding kit of choice and place your order.

Once payment and ordering information
is received, we’ll also reach out to you in person via phone by the end of the same business day. From there we’ll ask you to confirm your business name and the contact details for the included business card.
If the order is placed on the weekend. Or after business hours, we’ll contact you the following business day.

Within 1-2 business days, we’ll send over a preview via email showcasing your new brand with your info in place. Upon approval, the remaining payment will be due. Next, the completed branding kit will
be uploaded to a private client portal for storage and easy download access. Viola!
From here, we’ll now mark the design as SOLD in the shop. Our done-for-you pet business branding kit will include an Online Video Training Tutorial. Where we cover how to use, edit, and send your business card in to be professionally printed by Canva. (Since the business card is a Canva Template). Not sure who or what Canva is? CLICK HERE to learn.
Psst! Would you like to continue working directly with Sniff Design Studio®? To create additional collateral items, such as social media templates, website design, pet report cards, and more? Pawesome! Let us know. We’re here for you.

Your ‘furbulous’ premade pet business branding kit includes the following:

Primary Logo & Sub Mark
 2 Sided Business Card – (An editable + printable Canva template)
Matching Mood Board (A visual preview of the brand’s overall style and tone)
The Fonts
Color Palette (HEX, RGB, & CMYK values)
Single Brand Pattern (PNG & SVG file)
Matching + Branded Icon Set (PNG file)
Mini Branding Book (A PDF serving as a visual ‘HOW TO’ guide to maintain the new brand and reference list for the design flies in this kit)
An Online Video Training CoveringThe Included Biz Card Template + Brand Kit Use  – Sniff Smart Branding Basics

Q: I like all of your premade pet business brands. But they’re just not quite what I need. Can you design me a custom pet business brand, instead?

A: Yes! Sounds like you’re ready for something custom-made JUST FOR YOU. No ‘pawblem’! Visit our parent company: Sniff Design Studio®. To view our range of creative pet business design services. Or to see our all-inclusive and custom Pet Branding Design Packages – click here.

Standard License – (License My Pet Branding)

This $979 option gives you the exclusive right to use this premade pet branding kit for your business. For as long as you want, so long as it’s solely used for your business. Because this kit is only licensed for one user, it will be marked as sold from our shop for the duration of your use. Please note that the ownership (copyright), is NOT included.

You may not claim copyright, intellectual property rights, or file for a trademark for the whole or any portion of Sniff Design® Basics pre-made designs. The license to use the design is exclusively for your business. In other words, this license does not permit you to resell or transfer this branding kit or any of its elements to another user. It also does not authorize you to grant permission to another individual or business to use or modify it and then claim authorship.

Please note that this pre-made branding kit grants you the right to use the design indefinitely for your specific business, as long as you remain in operation. However, it does not automatically confer intellectual ownership.

Kindly be aware that in the event of discontinuing the use of this pre-made branding kit or any intellectual copyright breach, Sniff Design® Basics retains the right to repossess and re-license the kit to another user.

Ownership – (Own My Pet Branding)

Want to own this pre-made branding kit for yourself? Pawesome choice! By selecting this option, you’ll receive complete ownership and full copyright of the kit. Just let us know you’re interested in having the intellectual ownership fully and legally transferred to you, and we’ll make it happen. Paw-yeah!