How Does This Work?

Found my new premade pet business logo graphic - sniffdesignbasics - do not take

Browse our comprehensive and ever expanding catalogue of cost effective ready-made pet business logos and choose your favorite.

Now that was sure quick for my ready made pet logo order graphic - sniffdesignbasics - do not take

Select your design of choice and options by filling out the order form. Upon submitting your order, you will be required to submit a down payment of $25 to cover the logo proofing process and to ensure you’re committed. This down payment is non-refundable in the event you cancel the initial order.

My pet business name looks great in this ready made logo graphic - sniffdesignbasics - do not take

Next we will send you the logo with your business name in place to preview and approve (usually within the same business day the order was submitted). The remaining balance will also be due. Once your payment is received and cleared, we’ll then email you the final logo files.

We accept most major credit and/or debit cards. Yay!

Wow I love it - my new premade pet business logo is perfect graphic - sniffdesignbasics - do not take

In addition to the user license you chose for the new design, you will receive 4 industry standard screen and press ready files. This includes 1 PDF press ready file, 1 EPS press ready file, 1 JPEG file and 1 High Res PNG file. The fonts will be outlined, which means that it’s turned into artwork and is no longer text based. This ensures that there will not be font issues when you or your printer opens the file to use.

For a full explanation of the following file formats, please click here.

So, all within 24-48 hours you will have your new pet business design. Hooray!

Onward graphic - by sniffdesignbasics - do not take

Ready? Set. Logo!

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